We are looking for organization to support our event through any means that will meet our requests. Not only would you be giving us support you will enjoy positive returns, you will have a chance to benefit from being part of our journey, you’ll get  a chance to increase your brand awareness and affirmation to local and international visitors and companies and even more towards your organization. You can get to enjoy the following benefits;

  • Put your business front and center
  • Get in front of your target market
  • Brand awareness & media exposure
  • Increase your reach and exposure to new clients, customers and businesses
  • Reconnect with customers and engage with an audience
  • Generate strong leads
  • Deliver great ROI

We are looking for sponsorship on the following:


  • Sponsor our staff with some uniform from your organization.
  • We are looking at approximately 30 staff, except the CEO who will be giving speech during the opening ceremony as well.
  • A sponsorship worth between USD 3000 – 6800 USD in Value, Based on the number of days, the show is 3 days.


  • Staged in the Evening on the last day, After Dialog I4.0 & C-Level Networking with Trade and Government Agency
  • Approximately 300-400 invitees
  • We are looking for a sponsorship valued at 5,000 USD


  • We are looking for a sponsor for gifts for our Guests of Honor
  • We are looking for 10 gift for the Guests of Honor and 20 more for Speakers
  • Sponsorship valued at 2,000 USD

BEVERAGE (water, soft drinks & alcohol)

  • We are looking for a sponsor to take care of beverage in terms of water, drinks and alcohol for our Very Important Visitors and for the team
  • Sponsorship valued at 2,000 USD


  • We are looking for a sponsor to print maps to allocate to the exhibitors as well as trade visitors
  • Sponsorship valued at 2,000 USD


  • We are looking for a sponsor to have the show conference programme printed and displayed at the entrance of the hall for attendees to get information about the conference
  • Sponsorship valued at 3,000 USD