Petrobras: Digitally controlled oil refinery for the 21st century meets new standards

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Petrobras, an important global player in the oil and gas business, has developed a revolutionary deepwater drilling technology that allows oil platforms off the coast of Brazil to drill at a depth of more than 1,000 meters. Due to this groundbreaking development, the company is now making additional investments to expand its downstream capacities. With the state-of-the-art Abreu e Lima refinery near the port of Suape, Petrobras has created a digitally controlled oil refinery for the 21st century – one that meets new standards of quality, safety, environmental protection, and occupational safety.

In Siemens, Petrobras found a reliable partner that could meet the challenge of ensuring the close integration of all engineering processes. The most important requirement of the solution was to establish uniform standards based on an object-oriented database, providing a solution that would integrate all systems of the engineering partners – all while meeting the regulations and guidelines for the oil and gas industry.

After evaluating the available options, Petrobras chose Comos, the Siemens software solution for the integrated lifecycle management of industrial plants. Comos was used from the very beginning of the project, when Petrobras initiated the front-end engineering and design (FEED) phase for the new refinery. Comos was also used in subsequent project phases to share data and specifications with more than a dozen different companies. Comos additionally helped to provide training and consulting services. Because the plant is a twin operation, Comos significantly speeded up the design of the second plant. Petrobras only needed about 20% of the labor it originally expected.

The plant and project team are currently preparing for the transition to the operational and maintenance phase. In this area, Petrobras values Comos’ capabilities of visualization and 3-D simulation.

The Abreu e Lima refinery is a flagship project not only for Petrobras but also for Siemens, as it is among the largest and most complex greenfield projects executed with Comos.

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