Digitalization in manufacturing: the Maserati Ghibli

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A highlight for car and technology enthusiasts as well as for automation experts: The new Maserati Ghibli. The production of the Italian sports car is a perfect example of digitalization in automobile manufacturing, helping processes become more efficient, faster and more reliable.

The Maserati Ghibli represents the perfect fusion of Italy’s traditional passion for sports cars and sophisticated design with state-of-the-art planning, development, and manufacturing methods. No wonder this business sedan demonstrates market appeal: In 2014, Maserati not only celebrated the 100th anniversary of its brand but also, thanks to the Ghibli, the strongest year of sales in the company’s entire history.

The success of the Maserati Ghibli is a perfect example of the benefits that automobile manufacturers are already enjoying as a result of the digitalization of processes. The components were developed in NX, the production processes were efficiently simulated in detail using the Tecnomatix product portfolio, and Siemens TIA is used for the flexible automation of the production line. The complex production processes are planned, optimized, and monitored with SIMATIC IT MES software.

The new Maserati Ghibli was shown as one of the four »digitalization showcases« at the Siemens Digitalization Forum during the Hannover Messe 2015.