Mr. Jani Hirvinen

CEO & Founder: jnMechanics Co., Ltd.

Topic: Revolution of Unmanned systems and 4.0

Jani Hirvinen is an experienced aviation and electronics engineer. He has over 40 years of experience building small unmanned and full sized manned aircraft. Jani brings 30+ years of computers, electronics and robotics experience beginning with SMD technologies already back at early 80’s. He is the original father of ArduCopter platform that changed the world of drones as we know them today. Currently Jani operates jDrones, which is a manufacturer and distributor a wide range of UAV components and vehicles.On the 23rd of June 2017 the CEO of jDrones Mr. Jani Hirvinen was awarded in The Drone World Congress in Shenzhen ​“In recognition of outstanding contributions to the Global UAV Industry” for the work he has done globally over the last 10 years for the Unmanned industry.

Early history

Mr. Jani Hirvinen was ​ ​born in Helsinki, Finland 1969 to aviation full family as his father Raimo Hirvinen used to be Captain on Finnair and a flight instructor. Jani’s mother Seija has also a flight license and flew often if she had time from her car racing career. Jani started electronics at the age of 4 and got his first computer at the age of 8. Jani’s interest in
building model airplanes came along at the age of 5. Jani has studied Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science and after his studies Jani spent 25 years running global internet service business, IT Training & Consult projects and working on high tech technology transfers.


Jani’s family was very actively associated with aviation industry and in his early age he started building airplanes in the local aviation club. After several years of being less active on aviation, in early 2000, Jani continued to design and build RC aerial vehicles and soon after he wanted to combine his knowledge of electronics, computer science and aviation and he entered the development of Unmanned vehicles.

Currently Jani operates jDrones from its headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand. jDrones is recognized globally as a leading brand and pioneer of a wide range of UAV components, vehicles and unmanned systems. As one of the leading global Unmanned developers Jani is n daily contact with the ArduPilot global development team whose technologies, patents and
applications can be found in most of the Unmanned systems and products globally.

jDrones was established in Bangkok, Thailand, is an internationally recognized leader in the design and production of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – also referred to as drones). jDrones founder, Mr. Jani Hirvinen, is well known within the international UAV communities as a pioneer in the development and continuous refinement of the various software and hardware systems that make multi-functional UAVs invaluable tools in a broad range of uses both by the private sector and by governmental / military / law enforcement parties.

Jani Hirvinen is the designer and co-founder of ArduPilot organisation which released ArduCopter platform on Aug 2010 that started current drone revolution. Currently there are several millions of systems globally running ArduPilot based Unmanned systems. Also Mr. Hirvinen is a patent holder for several international patents for the Aviation industry.

Unmanned vehicles made by jDrones have been used in countless applications from making medical deliveries, law enforcement surveillance (traffic, crowd control, tracking individual suspects / others, etc.), military surveillance, border control, agricultural / crop studies, media (news gathering), aerial photos for real estate sales, etc. Currently jDrones concentrates in highly custom made Unmanned vehicles that have been designed to do specialized tasks.

jDrones is also a founding member of the international drone consortium called DroneCode Project. DroneCode Project has partnered with Linux Foundation. Its purpose is to provide tools for the international drone industry.

DroneCode founding newsletter: ​

jDrones’ products are used in organizations and companies such as NASA, SpaceX, ESA, Rafael, Darpa, IAES, US AirForce, Unesco, Google, Yahoo, Cisco Systems, Boeing, US SMDC, IAI, just to name a few.

Presently jDrones is working to open a local training institute along with leading universities in Thailand and abroad to boost human capital development for ever growing Unmanned and robotic industries. jDrones’ commitment to Thailand and Southeast Asia goes beyond operating a training institute, to develop curriculum on Unmanned systems (including UAV and drones) and related STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields, such as mechatronics.

Mr. Jani Hirvinen is one of the very few Unmanned developers in the world with experience and knowledge in creating complete Unmanned systems and to design and lead the training programs to bring new professionals to the industry and to develop completely new Unmanned technologies to solve global tasks through technology.

Mr. Jani Hirvinen as co-founder of ArduPilot was awarded in the Drone World Congress 2017 in Shenzhen/China for his outstanding contribution to the global Unmanned Industries on June 23rd, 2017.


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