Bernard Collin

CEO – SafeComs

Topic: Security for the IoT

Bernard Collin is the CEO of SafeComs, originally established in 1999 in Australia with a strong focus on computer security in the SME and Enterprise market. In 2003, Bernard launched the Asian branch of SafeComs, located in Bangkok. SafeComs has received multiple awards, as well as being finalist for the Best SME of the Year in 2008 with the Australian Chamber of Commerce. Prior to SafeComs, over 10 years, Bernard was the CEO of Pacer Software inc. in Europe. He has also served as European Marketing Manager, PC Division for Digital Equipment.

Additionally, he was Regional Sales Manager for Apple Computer Europe and became GM of Apple Belgium. Bernard holds a degree in Nuclear Electronics from the Institute of Nuclear Sciences in Brussels. He also holds various certifications on Network analyzers and Security programs. He is a private pilot and has a hobby, used to build ultralight aircrafts in the south of France.

How to Avoid and Survive an Attack on Your Computers

We will explore the problems and risks today, the new sophisticated attacks, the evolving strategies and the new hacking trends with real-life scenarios and true stories from customers.

Our speaker will review the evolution of Virus and Hacking methodology, the introduction of Phishing to steal ID and the arrival of the destructive Crypto Malware and Ransom ware. We will discuss the risk today and the evolution with growing challenges for the months to come. We will review prevention strategies to protect your systems and data, and the tools and methods to prevent and block the hackers and their destructive behaviors. And when all failed, we will see how can you recover from an attack without severe financial loss or perturbation on your productivity thanks to you being prepared.

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