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Convergence of Technologies Asia 2018 Schedule


U Convention Hall
Srinakarin (near Huamak ARL)
17th - 19th January 2018


Tunku Chancellor Hall
University of Malaya
11th - 13th July 2018


24th - 26th October 2018

Convergence Of Technologies Asia

Big Data Analytics  –  Artificial Intelligence –  Automation & IT  –  Cloud Computing  –  Cyber Security  –  Energy Efficiency – Networking & Infrastructure  –  Predictive Maintenance  –  Robotics  –  System Integration – Smart Manufacturing – IoT

Revolutionizing events through Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam in 2018 for the first time in Asia region with Convergence of Technologies Asia 2018. We will start with a symposium scale public-venturing technology event to a regional events for industry, businesses and brands with a reputation for high quality and technological-intense events on Connected Manufacturing, Digital Automation, Industrial Internet of Things and Smart Manufacturing in the fourth industrial revolution.

Much more than just a seminar event, Convergence of Technologies Asia 2018 brings together key players from the entire Smart Solutions, Automation and Digital. From end-user engineers and system makers through to brands and manufacturers, the event and conference will explore how the digital and smart technologies are used, inviting future customers and users to interact directly with our participants in one platform.

Industry is on the threshold of the industrial revolution. Driven by the Internet, the real and virtual worlds are growing closer and closer together to form the Internet of Things. Industrial production of the future will be characterized by the strong individualization of products under the conditions of highly flexible (large series) production, the extensive integration of customers and business partners in business and value-added processes, and the linking of production and high-quality services leading to so-called hybrid products. The industries now has the opportunity to actively shape the industrial revolution. We want to support this process with Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing, IT & Automation, Big Data & Analysis and Networking & Infrastructure on the forward-looking concept.

One focus question will be, how the fourth industrial revolution can best contribute to increasing economic competitiveness in manufacturing, industries and businesses.




Dr. Katiya Greigarn

Vice President of FTI

TOPIC: Thailand i.40

Mr. Somwang Boonrakcharoen

President of TGI

TOPIC: Workforce in the 4.0 industry

Prinya Hom-Anek

resident and Founder ACIS Professional Center Co., Ltd. & CEO Cybertron Co., Ltd.

Dr.Thanachart Numnonda

President, The Association of Thai ICT Industry Executive Director, IMC Institute

TOPIC: Big Data Analytics

Dr. Wiwat Nuansing

Professor – School of Physics, Institute of Science, Suranaree University of Technology

TOPIC – 3D Printing for Industrial Applications

Georg Stiller

STM Shanghai

TOPIC: Current Developments in Industry 4.0 and their potential for the ASEAN countries

Jeff Hamilton

CEO of Creo Modo and Program Director for Rangsit University Product Design Department

Topic: Industrial Revolution 4.0

Dr. Ake Pattaratanakul

Director of the Brand Center

Topic: Digital Lifestyle – 40 Era

Bernard Collin

CEO – SafeComs

Topic: Security for the IoT

Geir Windsvoll

Managing Partner – Santara Nakama

Topic: Virtual & Augmented Reality

Dr. Supachai Vongbunyong, PhD

Lecturer & Assistant Director of Research and International Affairs at Institute of Field Robotics (FIBO), King Mongkut's University of Technology, Thailand.

TOPIC: Workforce in Robotics and Automation in Manufacturing Industry – Collaboration between Industry and Education Sectors

Supparat Sivapetchranat Singhara Na Ayutthaya

Chief Product & Technology Officer, True IDC & Group Head of Platforms and Technology Operations, Ascend Group

TOPIC: Use cases for Thailand to be a world player in digital landscape

Mr. Jani Hirvinen

CEO, Founder: jnMechanics Co., Ltd.

TOPIC: Revolution of Unmanned systems and 4.0

Mr. Apisit Kuparatana

Pantavanij Co., Ltd.

TOPIC: How eProcurement can deliver huge advantage and benefit to companies?

Mr. Sittiporn Muangklang

Managing Director - Industrial Revolution Co.,Ltd

TOPIC: Industry 4.0 in reality

Professor Dr. Siti Mariyam Shamsuddin

PhD (Artificial Intelligence, Universiti Putra Malaysia)

TOPIC: Big Data

Assoc.Prof. Panrasee Ritthipravat

Lecturer, Department of Biomedical Engineering

TOPIC: Robot assisted Communication Training for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Mr. Nima Baiati

Senior Director, Product Management and Corporate Development

TOPIC OF TALK: Cybersecurity Business Model Innovation and ASEAN

Mr. Martin Venzky-Stalling

Independent Consultant, Senior Advisor CMU STeP

TOPIC: Smart Cities

Dr. Chatkaew Hart-Rawung

Doctor of Philosophy in Innovative Management

Mr. Danairat Thanabodithammachari

Digital Transformation and Enterprise Architecture Director, SAP Thailand


Mr. Thanaruk Theeramunkong

Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology, Thammasat University, Thailand

TOPIC: Artificial Intelligence Research in Thailand: Past, Present and Future

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